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Building your Dryland Program – Pre-Taper Dryland Test Set Example

Weekly points:

  • Dryland workouts should follow swim practice or be separated by 4+ hours
  • Separate the test workout from other workouts by at least two days
  • End all sets at indicated times – if you don’t reach a number goal don’t worry, just keep working towards these goals
  • Use results from these tests to work on any glaring weak points, especially as we are now in the taper phase!
  • If sore from dryland, include extra stretching at the end of any workout
  • TEST WEEK – do your best and see where you’re at in your training!!

Workout #1- TEST (Week 18)

Warm-up 3 x 1:00 Stability

1:00 Overhead Squats

2:00 Jumping Jacks or Jump Rope

Test Sets

5 x 1:00 Squat/Thrust 30 per goal :30 Rest between

2:30 Stability no Rest

3 x 1:30 Squat/Thrust/Push-up/Jump 20 per goal 3:00 Rest between

3:00 Push-Ups 75 goal Rest as needed

Rotate/Twist/Sit-up Ladder 12 goal no Rest

Cool-down  5 x 1:00 Core Rotations

Pick 3 exercises, switch @ :20 intervals

5 min Active Stretching

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