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Weight Lifting must continue during taper and athletic peaking


If you lift you must taper lifting also. Do not stop lifting or the benefits of your cross training will be lost.  You must work on speed while continuing to gain strength. The Faster Swimming coach’s guide shows an exact practice schedule for lifting during taper as well as detailed dryland workouts during this crucial […]

Taper Swim Workouts shouldn’t be easy and require QUALITY!


The Taper phase used by Faster Swimming is a 7 week process. Get the exact workouts needed in our 23-week program. Below is workout #105 of #113 that lead to Championships:  Day #105  Another meet warm up:  600 choice swim @ 70%  6 x 100 choice 50 kick / 50 swim :15 rest  6 x […]

A Problem with College Swimming


I would like to discuss observations I have seen over the years as my High School swimmers attend and swim for Universities across the country. There are a lot of variables that affect performance for athletes as they move away from home and adjust to College life but there is no way that a majority […]

Deck-Based Dryland


The main goal of deck-based dryland (or simply “dryland”) within this program is to increase the overall density of work performed and to increase general working capacities. Another term for this is GPP, or General Physical Preparedness. A high level of GPP will not only increase general fitness, but help facilitate recovery from swim and […]

Speed – A Primer


Speed determines the victor in the sport of swimming. Whoever touches the wall first wins, regardless of technique differences, fitness, strength, mental toughness, or whatever. Speed wins. So how do we improve speed? We swim fast(er). Often. And when full efforts don’t produce the speed we are looking for in the water, we slow down […]