Faster Swimming – PDF


Included is a detailed, 16-week pre/during season workout plan as well as a 7-week taper program. This 23-week process (which is also incuded as an Excel Spreadsheet) enables coaches and swimmers to write daily, detailed workouts that focus on creating speed and power while maintaining the swimmers’ aerobic base.

Faster Swimming will help the beginner, age group, high school, collegiate and master swimmers.


A Coach’s Guide to Strokes, Practices & Writing Sets

Mark Spitz said, “If you fail to prepare, you’re prepared to fail.”

Faster Swimming gives you the tools to build a seasonal plan that prepares you for your best swims and was written for the beginner, age group, high school, collegiate and master swimmers.

Swimming professionals (and those that swim for competitive fun) have realized the dramatic results that are vividly outlined in Faster Swimming.

This manual includes:

  • 23 Week Swim Program ready for your next swim practice
  • Swim Taper program in an Excel Spreadsheet so you can plan and track your progress. Mac & PC ready.
  • 23 Week Dryland training program
  • Fully developed crosstraining and weight lifting program designed for swimmers of all levels
  • Body position to reduce drag
  • Micro & Mesocycles
  • Full-color photos so you can perform the excercises with proper body position and posture
  • Race Strategies for all swims to help develop your edge
  • Swimmers guide to eating – daily and at swim meets
  • Proper Mechanics for all swims
  • Relay Starts, Forward Starts and the Backstroke Start
  • Hydration and nutrition and their affect on swimmers during practice and at meets
  • Breathing & timing during each type of stroke
  • Turns & Finishes
  • An entire section dedicated to new swimmers, new coaches and parents