23 Week Training Program – in Print




Perfect for the Club Season

Eliminate the time spent developing a plan on your own, remembering what exercises you did last week or figuring out what to add this week. The planning time you’ll save by purchasing the Faster Swimming 23 Week Training Program can actually be spent where it counts … in the pool, increasing your speed and sharpening your competitive edge.

  • 392 Pages – easy to use; easy to follow
  • 115+ Swim Workouts that follow a comprehensive plan.
  • 46 Dryland Workouts to build strength and power.
  • A complete 7 Week Taper
  • A full introduction to guide you through the season.
  • Just tear out, take to the pool and train.

This 23 week season has been documented for years and tweaking it as needed based on new ideas and the abilities of my swimmers. The daily yardage amount on the 23-weekk plan can be tailored to your needs based on the time you want to train.

This program can be adapted to swimming 2-3 or up to 6 times a week, with any yardage amount you desire to swim. The important thing is to follow the regime and do all that is planned.

The beginning of this program assumes that you are starting your season and eases you into practices while developing your aerobic base.

The mid-season, weeks 8-16 are the core that includes the main work-load of aerobic swimming while introducing speed.

The last seven weeks will develop and fine tune your speed and power, while maintaining your aerobic base.

The full program will enable you to swim multiple championship meets several weeks in a row while continuing to improve your times. If you only have one championship meet the work-outs can be adjusted to hit your peak. The weight lifting and dryland programs follow suit to the seasonal plan and are essential to speed and power.


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