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Preparing for Championships through Taper


Now is the time of year when everything counts. Hopefully, your swimmers have trained well and if they haven’t well then last call. Taper time is a well thought out process of preparing your swimmers for championships.  Taper means QUALITY work and QUALITY recovery just to begin.   Race Pace, Variable Speed swimming and kicking, Understanding […]

Weight Lifting During Taper


Coaches – please remember when the core of your training is aerobic you don’t need to lift with an aerobic agenda. Your swimmers are raising their heart rate a lot more than you think while lifting so just lift for speed and strength. Make sure that your swimmers maintain flexibility after lifting. Stretching after any […]

The 10 Principles of Athletic Success


There are many, maybe even countless, methods to achieve athletic success. However, the principles of athletic success are few. Said another way, by someone much smarter than I – “Methods are many, principles are few; methods always change, principles never do.” Follow the principles listed below throughout your athletic career and find success. I suppose […]

Even More on Mechanics


MECHANICS: There are five categories and I am going to elaborate on #4 Momentum as it could be the most important to understand. The others are talked about in the Coaches Guide. Back of the hand mechanics with “arm and hand” as one-paddle. The catch and finish of each stroke. Body position and reducing drag […]

All Swimmers Need…


To feel comfortable in the water. To know stroke counts (per lap) for all strokes. To understand timing of all strokes. To have excellent walls and turns. To practice with proper stroke mechanics. A swimmer also needs experience racing and that takes, a long time and hundreds of races for mechanics and strategies of each […]