Fall 2018 Survey

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Thanks for visiting our website, please let us know your role in swimming? 

Please note that all our workout programs follow a detailed seasonal plan designed for the training of all strokes(swim and kick sets) with an IM emphasis. There is a detailed 6-7 week taper to follow that ensures improvements thru many weeks of championships. Training at Race Pace is the core of our training from our inception in 2006.

What are your country and state/province of origin?

Our top two countries outside of the United States are Australia and the UK. All workouts can be modified for meters.
What is your swimming affiliation? If you coach or participate in another sport please specify below. Please check all that apply.

We can cater programs from the beginner to National level athletes.
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We taper our dryland and weightlifting workouts/programs thru championships. You can find more info on facebook.com/fasterswimming and on youtube under USAswimcoach.
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