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Tapering Explained with Example Workout


Tapering means a lot more than resting and is a long process to prepare the athlete for a series of championship meets or “The Big Meet”. The athlete will still increase aerobic capacity while developing the speed needed for the end of the season. Developing Speed and Power is the focus for the athlete’s niche […]

Mistakes When Swimming the 100


There are two major mistakes that most swimmers make in the 100 of any stroke, sprinting the first 25 full speed and not breathing. Teaching the swimmer how to control the beginning of the race is key.  Swimmers need to understand the importance of breathing.  Except for the 50 free, breathing is one of the […]

More on Momentum


We have covered momentum before but it could be the most important concept for all swimmers to understand. Do your best to convey to all swimmers the importance of maintaining and creating speed. This takes focus and efficiency! Maintaining momentum from a start, turn, the finishing of strokes and kicking are extremely important. Teach your […]

Race Pace


Race Pace isn’t sprinting to exhaustion but creating the speed that will be needed to achieve goal times for each event. The main emphasis of Faster Swimming is if you train at slow speeds you will compete at slow speeds. If you train 500’s and you are a 50 freestyler you are not maximizing your […]

Race Readiness


Practice You must simulate race conditions in practice to get better at racing. This includes having a plan for a general warm-up, perhaps an event-specific warm-up, what to do if no warm-up pool or lanes are available during the meet, what your athletes need with them behind the blocks (goggles, a relay card (?), a […]