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Masters Swimmers – Start Using Your Legs!


Kicking and recovery swimming are two very important parts of your daily workouts that you need to take seriously! Most of the master swimmers especially if you swam age-group, high school or collegiate swimming in the 80’s or earlier need to incorporate into your practices kicking and recovery swimming.  We (and I am including myself) […]

Seasonal Dryland Considerations – Part 2


Below are some of the considerations that we take into account for our Dryland programming: Separate swimming and dryland sessions as much as feasible, ideally separated by more than four hours.  If separated by less than two hours, swim first. Dryland should most often follow the order of skill work, speed work, strength work, and […]

Seasonal Dryland Considerations – Part 1


Dryland is an integral part of our swim training. A solid dryland program allows our swimmers to produce more Force and to have increased Power (capacity). Perhaps just as important, Dryland provides our swimmers with a solid foundation of both durability and adaptability that can be relied upon in the pool. For the sake of […]

The Open Turn


The open turn is used for the breast and the butterfly. There is another flip turn for these strokes. I have only been witness to this turn at higher level meets.  This turn takes a lot of practice and excellent judgement especially as the swimmer goes into the third turn of the 100 or continues […]

Backstroke and Freestyle Turns


Backstroke turn: Let’s start with the backstroke turn, which technically is the same as the freestyle turn, once the swimmer has changed his or her body position. The last stroke taken from the flags of backstroke is the key stroke where the swimmers change body position to the breast facing the bottom on the pool. […]