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Building Aerobic Capacity and Race Pace


500 free goal time 4:50.00 training guidelines: Building aerobic capacity needs to be done by monitoring heart rate.  You can add longer warm-up sets if you feel the need to increase yardage for your swimmer. Each swimmer will have a certain amount of yardage per workout where you need to end the practice and that […]

The Importance of Fly Kicks


Consistent kick is a must.  Swimmers need to understand momentum and maintain it especially through the break out strokes or the transition between the underwater and swimming. Most swimmers make the mistake of slowing the kick before the break out strokes thus increasing drag and slowing momentum before trying to swim.  A consistent kick will […]

Why Swim On Top of the Water When the Fastest Part Is Under Water?


Momentum, Momentum, Momentum “When an external force acts upon a body, it changes its momentum; however, when no external force acts, the momentum of the body does not change, a fact which is incorporated in the principle of ‘the conservation of momentum’. Therefore, momentum has come to be known as the force of motion that […]

Timing and Rhythm During Breathing and Stroke


BACKSTROKE: There is a breathing pattern in backstroke. Each swimmer will be a bit different. Have each swimmer determine his or her breathing pattern. The concentration should be during the exhale of the breath with the finish of a stroke this could be every right arm finish or any variation. Tell swimmers as they are […]

Developing Race Strategies and Breathing Tips for your Swimmers


Age-group coaches here some assumptions while developing RACE STRATEGIES and breathing tips for your swimmers. Remember to incorporate all of this into daily practices so it becomes second nature to your swimmers then you can really focus on their racing! Assumptions: 1.    Each swimmer will vary on how to swim each event and this should […]