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One of the most overlooked aspects of successful training in the Western World is that of regeneration. Regeneration is the product of sound training and methods that help in repairing athletes to function better. Recovery (or rest) and restoration (return of energy, hormonal, or other levels) are entwined in this process, but do not provide […]

Questions from Across the Pond


This note and the following questions are received from a coach just North-west of London, England. “I coach on a voluntary basis and have a passion to ensure I give the very best to my swimmers and ensuring that they arrive at the championships in March in the best form they can. All help and […]

Winter Break Practices


Increased volume = Increased energy use = Increased calorie intake! Body weight should NOT drop more than 3 pounds during an intense period of training in-season. Most large training load increases in-season come in 2 or 3 week periods, and the benefits can be numerous, BUT… Losing weight quickly in-season does NOT equate to being […]

Administering Test Sets


Let’s administer test sets while maintaining yardage goals. Work in as you see fit but try to complete during the week. The test sets are to establish repeat pace per 100’s on all strokes to help the swimmer and coach adjust send offs for the Holiday training demands. The following warm up is a great […]

Thoughts on Training


OK… No nonsense here – just some thoughts on training pertaining to what I’ve been reading lately and how I train my teams (swimming, track, and many others). No particular order, but the pieces do fit: A. Training regularly, systematically, and progressively are keys to obtaining the desired goals of training (better competitive performances!!). B. […]