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Swim Faster with Dry Land Swimming Training Programs

As a swimmer or a coach, it is important to focus on speed and agility in the water. However, dryland training for swimmers is equally important, helping the athlete in building strength and skill. If you are looking for a dryland swim trainer program, you can count on the team at Faster Swimmer. Built from decades of experience from coaches of athletes at the national level, we bring to you a vast collection of guides and resources designed to help you tap into the power required to swim faster and perform better.

Dryland Workouts for Swimmers

At Faster Swimmer, we offer a wide range of swimming taper sets as well as dry land swimming training options designed for athletes of any skill level. Our dryland training for swimmers incorporates strength training, sprint training, cross training and more, allowing you to build endurance and power for your next meet. You can enjoy a dryland swim trainer program lasting 7, 14, 19 or 23 weeks depending on your unique needs and skill level so that you can reach your peak performance. See how a swimming dryland workout can help you reach your goals.

Discover a New Swimming Dryland Workout Today

Are you looking for dryland workouts for swimmers or swimming taper sets? Faster Swimmer offers a wide range of programs designed for all athletes. Browse our range online today, or for more information on our services, reach out to our team now at (614) 209-4883.

19 Week Sprint Program on SwimShare

Now available!  We’ve partnered with SwimShare to offer our 19 Week Sprint Training program through the SwimShare app for Android and iPhone.

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