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Practicing Simple and Basic Concepts


I have been teaching a lot of adult lessons lately and it has reminded me of some very simple concepts that we as coaches most likely overlook and assume that our swimmers understand. Take some time during warm ups to review even with your best swimmers.  I review all of these concepts with my team […]

Part 5: Repeating Race Pace Sets


This article is a basic summary of those posted past newsletters from this study. Please remember these basic concepts while incorporating the workouts provided in the most recent newsletter. How often do you need to repeat specific race pace sets for optimal training? This study recommends 8 weeks to 3 months based on the ability […]

Part 4: Race Pace Set Examples


Here are some workouts from the research I have been reading.  Please add this to your practice routines but make sure that all swimmers are performing at exact Race Pace. If a specific distance wasn’t at Race Pace then the swimmer needs to rest until able to perform and resume the set. A. Race Pace […]

Part 3: Race Pace


The purpose of this article is to elicit thought. There are many quotes that I feel this best explains my readings of all the studies I am sharing with you.  Our goal is to become better coaches! Below are a few concepts to consider while planning your workouts. Swim Techniques at Race Pace Stroke efficiency […]

Part 2: Planning Your Practices


Here are basic concepts to keep in mind while planning your practices: 1. Any swimmer that is poorly conditioned with bad mechanics will see improvement with any activity associated with swimming. 2. Once your swimmer advances in conditioning and skill level basic practices no longer apply and actually retards further development.  Higher levels of practices […]