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Periodization is defined by USA Track & Field as “The process of planning training in order to produce high levels of performance at designated times. There are three major concepts associated with the process of periodization: 1. Periodization and Planning. Planning is perhaps the most important step in insuring the effectiveness of the training program. […]

Weightlifting Guidelines for Swimmers


These guidelines are taken from Section 8 of Faster Swimming. You can also purchase the Cross Training section from Faster Swimming here: 1. When the core of your training is aerobic you don’t need to lift aerobically. Lift for speed and strength. 2. Flexibility work is key especially after lifting. Stretching after lifting increases blood […]

Weightlifting for Swimmers – Example


Here is a recent swim team lifting workout. We are in a building phase, so we’re spending a little more time in the weight room right now (hence the total time and volume). This should take a little over an hour – there are no max or even near-max lifts here, so rest between sets […]

Carbohydrates. Performance and Activity


Diet is certainly tied to performance, but how so? Proteins and fats help build and re-build tissues (muscles included) and form the foundation of our hormones and enzymes that control most of our bodily functions. So where do carbohydrates fall in our dietary needs? The easiest way to think of carbohydrate needs is to think […]

Profile of a High School Swimmer


Molly is a sophomore and an extremely talented athlete. I had to wait until the cross country season was over before Molly started training for the season. She began the season three months later than the rest of her competition at the High School State Level. It took at least two months before Molly started […]

Questions re: Distance. Some Advice for Practices


Q I am a new subscriber and received my first set of workouts this morning. I have read through them carefully and looking forward to getting started. I love the instruction on improving the dives, streamlining with dolphin kick etc. Plus the turns practice. However, how do I compensate for the distance as it is […]