Monthly Swim & Dryland Workouts via Email


An Excellent Tool for your Training

$14.95 recurring monthly

Our goal is to provide every subscriber with a positive, encouraging experience despite differences in age, levels of accomplishments or geography.

A complete and intuitive approach to your success!

On the first of the month you'll receive 20+ weekly swim and 8 dryland workouts, PLUS 12+ VIDEOS, complete with all the details you'll need to either train on your own or use as you coach your team.

Each workout enables the swimmer and/or coach to build a workout with strength and endurance as the main focus, as outlined in Faster Swimming.

Every workout is written to build over your swim season -

Built to maximize the cycles of your season!

ALL Workouts are designed specifically to:

  • Guide you through your training!
  • Build strength, speed, and power
  • Give you a wide variety in your exercise regime.
  • What you can expect:

Expect a coach AND athlete with nearly 50 years of coaching and personal training experience to provide you with workouts that build overall strength and speed!

  • Expect workouts that challenge you, workouts that build week after week!
  • Expect a plan for success, a seasonal plan that prepares you for your best swims!
  • Expect the strength & speed necessary for Faster Swimming – then,
  • expect GREAT results!

The Monthly Workouts program will be billed to your credit card monthly. There are no obligations - cancel your subscription at any time.