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Order and DOWNLOAD NOW complete daily workout for the stroke listed. This stroke is either the primary or secondary focus of the daily workout.

Most all workouts include other types of sets, (i.e. kick, tarzan, choice, etc.).

All workouts include a basic design which incorporates alternating upper body and lower body swimming. Each set is designed with specific effort parameters, specified distances which incorporate quality work and recovery into each set. Each set is also designed to maintain quality swimming throughout the workout.

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Yardage Description
3,025 Order Workout # 7-2-FR3025FL
IM kick/swim warm up
Set 1 Top Stroke swim set
Set 2 Tarzan
Set 3 Overspeed
3,100 Order Workout # 2-4-FL3100TA
IM kick/swim warm up
Set 1 Fly swim/kick/drill
Set 2 Tarzan
Set 3 Overspeed
4,575 Order Workout # 7-3-FR4575FL
Choice swim/kick warm up
Set 1 Top Stroke Paddles optional
5,125 Order Workout # 3-2-FL5125RP
IM kick/swim warm up
Set 1 fly swim/kick/drill
Set 2 Fly/free swim
Set 3 Free swim
5,625 Order Workout # 4-5-FR5625FL
Choice/Free kick/swim
Set 1 Choice kick
Set 2 fly kick
Set 3 fly kick/Tarzan
5,700 Order Workout # 8-5-FL5700
IM swim
Set 1 Fly/IM kick/swim
Set 2 Stroke kick
Set 3 Tarzan
6,825 Order Workout # 12-5-FL6825IM
Free kick/swim w/tarzan warm up
Set 1 Fly/Non-free kick/swim
Set 2 Back/Breast swim paddles
Set 3 Relay starts w/tarzan sprint breakouts
7,125 Order Workout # 14-2S-FLTA7125FR
Short IM swim warm up
Set 1 IM swim
Set 2 Fly/Free/Tarzan Block sprint kick/swim
Set 3 Free swim paddles
Set 4 Top stroke kick
7,875 Order Workout # 9-2-FL7875
IM swim warm up
Set 1 Fly kick
Set 2 Fly kick/swim
Set 3 Recovery
Set 4 Choice kick
Set 5 Recovery
Set 6 Choice swim Paddles
10,050 Order Workout # 16-2-FL10050IM
Choice/Free kick/swim warm up
Set 1 Choice recovery w/some speed
Set 2 Fly swim Blocks
Set 3 IM w/Back/Breast emphasis swim


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