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About the workouts

Each daily workout enables the swimmer and/or coach to build their season with strength and endurance as the main focus, as outlined in the  Faster Swimming  eBook. There will be no random workouts sent and all workouts will be distinctly different than every other one during the year!

The Train Smarter Weekly Workouts are designed specifically to help you train, build strength and give you a wide variety in your excercise regime. The Faster Swimming Train Smarter workouts are a complete and intuitive approach to your swim season.

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Our goal is to provide every subscriber with a positive, encouraging experience despite differences in age, levels of accomplishments or geography.

Example Workout
Week 9

Weekly points:

  • Dryland workouts should follow swim practice or be separated by 4+ hours
  • Separate these workouts by at least one day
  • End all sets at indicated times – if you don’t reach a number goal don’t worry, just keep working towards these goals
  • Basic strength and energy-system work
  • If sore from dryland, include extra stretching at the end of any workout



2:00 Jumping Jacks
1:30 Overhead Squats
3 x 1:00 Stability

Work Sets

2:00 Push-ups
40 goal
Rest as needed

3 x 1:00 Squat-Thrust-Jumps
30 per goal
:30 Rest

3:00 Squats
120 goal
R a needed

R/TW/S ladder
8 goal
no Rest


4 x 1:30 Core Rotations
Pick 3 exercises, switch @ :30 intervals :30 R

5:00 Stretching



5 x 1:00 stability
50 Overhead Squats
3:00 Jumping Jacks or Jump Rope

Work Sets

5 x 1:00 Walkout Push-ups
2 Push-ups per walkout :: goal=effort
:30 R

5 x 1:00 Squat Thrustts :: 25 per goal
:45 R

50 Med Ball Sit-up-Get-ups
Rest as needed


3 x 2:00 core rotations
Pick 4 exercises, switch @ :30 intervals
1:00 R

8:00 Stretching


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