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The Answer

Not just for swimmers!

Athletic Fat Loss and
Body Recomposition

In athletics we rely on 2 things in particular to achieve results – effort and consistency. Effort is unique to each individual, so this has to be accounted for in our program. The Answer accomplishes this mainly through Time-Based Training. Time-Based Training is brutally simple: accomplish as much work as you can, with whatever type of training, in a given time period. For example, if you were jumping rope, you would jump as fast as you possibly could for, let’s say, 5 minutes. This might sound too simple and too easy to possibly work. The results say otherwise! No heavy lifting or marathon training sessions required, period.

The Answer uses a wide variety of methods and exercises, all with photo descriptions, to get you the fat-loss and body recomposition results that you are looking for – in the minimum time possible.

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How The Answer is different (better!)
than all of the other programs around

The Answer: Athletic Fat-Loss and Body Recomposition is a COMPLETE 16-week diet and training program that ENSURES your success.

*13 Videos to watch and follow.
*How to
plan and prepare for fat-loss success
Superfoods and your OWN Superfood Shopping List for each week
Diet Guidelines… the what, the when, the why, and how much
*How to train to
*A total of
14 training variations that give you the best return on your investment
photo descriptions of all included training
training lists and checklists for every day of the full 16-week program
follow-along system that changes things up just enough each week to keep the results coming
7 Diet Guidelines that will lead to a lifetime of success
90% rule and how to apply it to your diet and training
what to measure each week and why
*A ton of
diet and training tips and tricks too valuable to give away here

Warm Up - Body Weight Combo

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*Use the lists and checklists
*Follow the Diet Guidelines
*Follow the Weekly Training
*Lose FAT
*RESHAPE your body
*FINALLY be happy with your appearance!

It really is that simple… read the book, use the lists and checklists to follow the diet and training, keep progress on-track with The Weekly Visual and all it entails.

The Answer Table of Contents


1. Introduction
     Goals and Motivations

2. Program Basics
     Measuring Progress
     The Weekly Visual
     Planning and Preparation Basics

3. The Answer:      Diet
     The Diet Checklists
     Diet Guidelines
     Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats
     Superfoods Shopping List
     Meal Portions
     Phase One, Two and Three
     Meal Frequency
     Diet – The Bare Bones
     Example Daily Diets

4. The Answer: Training
     The Training Checklists
     Training Methods and Exercises
          A. Mobility Circuit
          B. Body-weight Combo
          C. Weighted Combo
     Weighted Complex
     Dragon - Tiger - Stallion
     Body Complex
     Power - Speed - Force
     Jump Rope
     Core Complex
     Density Training

5. Final Thoughts

6. Putting It All Together

7. The Weekly Lists and Checklists


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