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"I have purchased the e-book and the weekly workouts and am very pleased. As I live too far from where my club is, I train alone. The true blessing of these purchases are that I can just sit back and follow the guidelines & workouts that are given and not have to sit for hours putting together a swim workout or try to determine which weight / dryland program I should be following.

• Dawn Thompson (Masters Swimmer)

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Faster Swimming
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every week for $5.95 a month.

Incredible price – incredible program, incredible results!

Swimming excellence doesn’t happen by accident … no hit or miss in this sport. It takes a great training plan, practice and focus, in the water and on deck, to stay on top. Personal trainers can be expensive. One-on-one coaching costs. But when you hit the water, great training gets great results.

Time is Money! Save Both!

Swimmers and Coaches – if you could have expert weekly workouts delivered to your inbox every Sunday, would you do it? We’re talking five days of daily workout agendas designed to keep you training smarter … more efficient use of your pool time and a focused approach to improvement, increased stamina and strength.

Gain SPEED Now!

Imagine eliminating time spent developing a plan on your own, remembering what exercises you did last week or figuring out what to add this week. The planning time you’ll save by purchasing the Faster Swimming Train Smarter Swim Workouts can actually be spent where it counts … in the pool, increasing your speed and sharpening your competitive edge.

Here's an example!

What you can expect:

  • Expect a coach AND athlete with nearly 27 years of coaching and personal training experience to provide you with workouts that build overall strength and speed!
  • Expect workouts that challenge you, workouts that build week after week!
  • Expect a plan for success, a seasonal plan that prepares you for your best swims!
  • Expect the strength & speed necessary for Faster Swimming – then,
    expect GREAT results!

Getting Started is Easy!

  • Simply begin here - sign up using our Secure Checkout.
  • The weekly program will be billed to your credit card monthly – just $5.95 – have credit card info handy.
  • Each Sunday, you’ll get a 5-day complete personal training regimen for the week.
  • Immediately start building your season strength, using the exercises, and following the workout to faster swimming!

Personal swim training, delivered to your inbox, for less than 30 cents a workout? You can’t afford not to try it!




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